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Consignment Chic Will Be On The National News Show, Fox Business, Tomorrow!!

Watch for Tracy to be on Friday, July 9 at 12:45pm EST / 11:45am CST

We have been working really hard to get as much media attention for Consignment Chic Partners and for the resale industry as humanly possible.  Now we are thrilled to announce that we are adding to our national media exposure tomorrow! So if you are already a Chic Partner, you will reap heavy traffic for the next few days by being listed on our Chic Store Finder Directory.  Thank you for partnering with Chic and we are continuing to go bigger and better!

If you haven’t joined the Partner Stores of Consignment Chic in promoting all our businesses together – now is the time!

We encourage you see how YOUR WEB SITE ranks on Compete.com and compare it to ours!

You will be impressed with our traffic!

# of Unique Visitors – May 2010
(per Compete.com)

ConsignmentChic.com               14,282
ConsignmentShops.com             5,740
ConsignmentPal.com                   5,148
TGTB.com                                        3,605
HowToConsign.com                     1,170

Online Sales are Coming at a Faster Pace!


So how is the eCommerce store performing?  As we ramped up in January we were having a couple of sales per month, by April we were having sales weekly.  Last week we had sales every other day.  Our efforts to increase traffic constantly and the word is spreading about shopping on ConsignmentChic.com.  If you are considering setting up your own online store, there is no better time to ride our wave and jump on into the sea of shoppers on the internet.While you can set up your own online store on your own, ask yourself who is going to market it?  You have a store(s) to run, pictures to take, employees to manage, items to process, so how will you have the time to promote the site to the world?  We are already doing it and doing it well.  Don’t recreate the wheel, join the stores of Consignment Chic who are already selling online!

Click here to check out the online store.

Click here to learn more about signing up for your own online store!


Call us at 205-LOV-CHIC (205-568-2442) or email us at info@consignmentchic.com.