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Pretty Woman signWOW!!! Consignment Chic is the most EXCITING thing we have EVER done in advertisement and the most educational thing we have ever done for our community.
Christy Neaves,
Pretty Woman
Birmingham, AL

Sonya Nix
I have more new faces in my store since my affiliation with Consignment Chic than ever before!

Sonya Nix,
Better Than Before
Cullman, AL

Stephanie Hirsh
I love, love, love the concept. You can count on me to be in!

Stephanie Hirsh,
Prima Donna's Closet

New Orleans, LA

Wears Like New logo
Looks and sounds amazing! I would be very interested in jumping on board!
Lauri Fitzpatrick
Wears Like New
Hershey, PA


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July 8, 2010

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