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Welcome to the NEW Consignment Chic Blog!

consignmentchictmlogo1We’ve been talking about Consignment Chic for the last seven months through my own store blog, Collage Designer Consignment, but now that Consignment Chic, LLC has spun off from Collage into it’s own entity, it’s time for Chic to have it’s own blog!

If you would like to read our past blogs about the exciting, quick growth of Consignment Chic since it’s inception in November 2008, go to http://www.shopcollage.com and click on Tracy’s Blog.  If you haven’t been following Consignment Chic, here is a synopsis of how Consignment Chic began.

In September of 2008, after a BANNER year at our Collage Designer Consignment stores in Birmingham, Alabama, I decided to put together a television show to educate the public about the Thrill of Shopping Consignment!  I  enlisted 10 other consignment shops in Central Alabama to join me in our weekly 30 minute television show that aired in 22 counties on the CW affiliate.  We started filming in November, the show debuted the last Saturday in December – at number ONE in it’s time slot – and Consignment Chic and it’s companion website, www.ConsignmentChic.com, was launched!
In January, 2009, we had our first Consignment Chic Bus Tour of most of the consignment shops that viewers saw on our television show.  The bus tour was so popular that we have offered them monthly through the Spring and have another tour scheduled for August 8, 2009 during the tax-free weekend in Alabama.  It is practically sold-out so we’ve set a date for the next tour on Saturday, September 12, 2009.  If you are interested in our bus tours, book early!  As of today, there are less than 10 seats left for the August 8 tour so hurry and sign up if you are interested!  In April, the Consignment Chic Bus Tour went to Atlanta and it was so popular that folks are begging us to do it again!  We’ll post it here if we plan another Atlanta trip in 2009.  Email us at andrea@consignmentchic.com if you are interested in a tour of Atlanta consignment shops.

That’s only the beginning of Consignment Chic and I’ll fill you in more in the next post, but first, you MUST read our press release that hit earlier TODAY and has already been getting journalists attention and has been sweeping through the Twitter ranks.  It has also moved Consignment Chic to page ONE on Google for consignment searches!   PLEASE read it NOW – it is a REALLY EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT from Consignment Chic!
Consignment Shops Across the Country and Abroad Join Innovative Marketing Alliance to Promote Consignment Shopping: http://ow.ly/irwd